Top 5 wedding linen tips!

table-2Linens are one of the most important elements in wedding décor. They dress the tables with colour, texture and can make the party. Don’t let the linens become an afterthought or listed only as a “luxury item” on your budget. Make them a priority. Today’s linens come in such a variety of styles and colours – modern, traditional, bold, subtle, edgy. Couples should choose linen that tells their story, speak their language and express their personality:

1. Mix it up! Gone are the days when a reception room has to have 20 identical tables with identical chairs. Don’t be afraid to mix linens in one space. As long as the overall picture blends from the same colour tone go for it!

2. Stay on message. Consider your Bridesmaids dress, the venue and your florist in the linen selection process as all elements must work together to create a cohesive design.

3. Look at the entire picture. As you’re creating the wedding environment, think about chairs, chair backs or covers, napkins, runners, furniture pieces as well as the linens themselves. For some events, the chairs become the focal point – your guests will notice everything, right down to the napkins.

4. Fold your napkins in a way that suits our theme – there are lots of Youtube videos demonstrating how you can achieve your perfect fold.

5. Don’t leave your linen selecting until the last minute. Start the process early enough to guarantee availability. Linens make a major impact on each space and shouldn’t be an afterthought.

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