Table cloths

Table Cloths

Table cloths

Our table cloths are available in a complete range of sizes, catering for round, square and trestle tables. We can even custom make tablecloths to suit your needs.

Our table cloths can be matched with linens such as napkins and chair covers, or mixed up with different colours and fabrics to create a spectacular look for your event.

We can demonstrate our full range in our Manchester showroom so you can see how your selections will look, or we can bring them to you and your venue so you can visualise them in situ.


Why not add an overlay to enhance your overall look. An overlay is a tablecloth that is smaller than the base linen it’s placed over. By using an overlay you can create an obvious layering effect that can look very striking, particularly when using a bright one over a plain base. However, an overlay can also be the same size as the linen it is placed over, with just a bit of the bottom cloth showing for a subtle look.